In 1977, Underoos launched a line of superhero inspired underwear that transformed a generation of kids into their favorite characters. We all remember the awesome feeling we got when we wore our Star Wars Underoos on the day of a big test at school – like we had all our favorite superheroes on our side! That’s why we’ve brought Original Underoos back, this time for kids AND adults. Who couldn’t use an extra boost of confidence on tough days at work, right?

We’ve re-released some of our bestselling Underoos from the 1970s and 1980s, including Star Wars, Superman, Spiderman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and more. Our lineup of over 25 character sets is being constantly expanded, so stay tuned to see which of your favorite characters are released next.

Underoos are now available in men’s sizes S-XXL, junior’s sizes S-XXL (fits up to a women’s 16), and youth XS-M.  Each set is meticulously crafted from soft, stretchy 100% cotton, with a relaxed fit that will keep you comfortable all day. The tee or tank from each Underoos set can be worn as a regular t-shirt, too!

Pro Tip: Since Original Underoos are now worth bank on auction sites like eBay, we highly recommend buying two sets of your favorite characters. Why? Because then you’ll have one set to wear, and one to keep pristine in its packaging, along with all of your other superhero collectibles. Everything is worth more in the original packaging!

Got an idea for an Original Underoos set? Tweet it to us @underoosbrand with the hashtag #iwantmyunderoos and your wish might just come true! We also give away Underoos on Twitter every Friday with #freepairfriday and have regular coupon codes – it totally pays to follow us. Tag pictures on instagram with @originalunderoos, too!

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