Labor Day weekend is traditionally seen as the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Kids go back to school and the weather turns from holy schnikes we’re going to melt to, hey I can go outside again! But, if we’re being 100% honest with you, we are going to spend ALL of September relaxing a little. Treat yourself! Order from that Thai food place you’ve always wanted to try, don your comfy Underoos, and binge watch episodes of Stranger Things and The Get Down on Netflix, because we all secretly want to play D&D with the Stranger Things kids. Labor Day, Schmabor Day – we’re gonna be 110% lazy, this month, and we can’t wait.


If you, too, are looking forward to a relaxing month of “Netflix and chill” like we are, we recommend picking up a few new sets of 100% cotton Underoos – ‘cause wearing the same ones for three days is so not hygienic. Check out our sets: Deadpool and Darth Vader, and save $7 on your order now with Underoos coupon code CHILLAX16.