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Throughout December we asked you guys to share your best vintage Underoos pictures, and you did! We had a lot of fun with this contest and it was great to see how many long time, dedicated fans were willing to share! Thanks for participating guys and here are some of our favorite pictures from the contest:



Clearly, I had a very serious childhood. Sporting my #wonderwoman #vintageunderoos

A photo posted by Amy Baker Shipley (@amybakerart) on




#TBT ! Been Supa for awhile now. Ha ha!

A photo posted by Supa Dave Franke (@supadavefranke) on


And now to announce our winners! Missamy1999, chrisallen80, nikkistarrm, supadavefranke, jamiewan and amybakerart from Instagram. From Twitter we have: Morphanscout, catman98821, PlanetNestor and esponsler9. 

If you were one of our winners you will be contacted via direct message on the platform you entered one. Please respond within 48 hours with your size and shipping address to receive your free pair of Underoos!